, our largest stockist, continues to invest into new and innovative products, that make packaging easier for the customer. There latest product they have recently taken on board is with prestigious AirProtect range.

AirProtect is a cutting edge product designed to protect your fragile and delicate items from being damaged during transportation, offering better and alternative packaging solution when compared to the traditional Air Sac and Safe Air brands.

The unique range of bags includes inflatable packaging for wine bottles and candles as well as protecting electronically goods such as televisions and laptops. The bags are delivered to the customer flat, and you simply inflate them using a compressor or hand pump (both sold from by inserting the nozzle through the green valve. Once the bags have been inflated, remove the compressor or hand pump and the unique one way valves within the bag will seal and prevent any air from escaping. When the package has been shipped and received by your customer, they simply cut across the bag to release the air and then it can be recycled or alternatively they can be used again to send another product out in

If you have any enquiry about the AirProtect range, please don’t hesitate to contact’s sales team on 0121 270 6252 or email them on