Products from WB Packaging

WB Packaging are able to manufacture a large range of different products, with the ability to use a vast range of coloured masterbatch as well as other additives to produce the perfect packaging solution for you. We are able to manufacture co-extruded bags as well as single colour or plain transparent bags. The different types of products we are able to produce are listed below:

Side Weld Polythene Bags Bottom Weld Polythene Bags

Polypropylene Bags Mailing Bags
Courier Bags Resealable Bags
Security/Cash Bags Blockheaded Bags
Presentational Bags Skirt Side Weld Bags For Added Strength
Grip Seal Bags Header Seal & Euroslot Bags
Wicketted Bags Side Gusseted
Inkjet Sequential Number Bags Security Tamper Evident Bags

The additive range we have available to us include:

Volatile Corrosive Inhibitor (VCI) – This additive acts as an anti-corrosive inhibitor, to protect ferrous, non-ferrous and noble metals by coating the metal in a thin protective layer once the bag is sealed and once the bag is opened, the layer evaporates and leaves a clean metal surface.

Anti Static – This additive reduces the amount of static produced by the bag to prevent it from becoming ‘sticky’ and also making them easier to handle.

UVI Stabiliser – This additive prevents the polythene from become perished and damaged by the sun.

High Slip/Anti Block – This additive enables for easier opening to ensure that the customer is able to function at a high production speed.

Biodegradable – This additive is where we use different materials, which allows microorganisms to break down the bags after use into biomass, carbon dioxide and water. This is an excellent solution to environmental packaging.

Colour Masterbatch – We have a wide range of different colours, which can be added to the polythene to suit your specific needs